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Character Bios:

MiriamName: Miriam
Age: 24
Profession: Bar maid, writer.
About: Miriam is an aspiring writer and has a deep love of the sea. She visits it nearly every day and writes while listening to the waves. She's restless and unhappy with her life, uncertain in love and aching for purpose. Her writing and her friends, Felix and Genny, mean the most to her.

AmaryllisName: Amaryllis
Age: 35 (young for a mermaid)
Profession: Princess
About: Amaryllis is a dissatisfied pampered mermaid princess who would do anything to escape her future of marrying Prince Hadrian of the Mediterranian Sea. She is also enchanted by humankind and aches to try life on land. It all becomes possible when she befriends Miriam, a kindred spirit and someone who would also love to escape her follies.

FelixName: Felix
Age: 22
Profession: Musician
About: Felix is one of Miriam's best friends in the whole world. He's an eccentric soul, eager about life and passionate about his music. He loves nothing more than to shoot the breeze with Miriam after a hard night's gigging, or to curl up on the couch with a pizza and a corny old movie.

GennyName: Genny (Genevieve)
Age: 25
Profession: Data Entry, Student
About: Genny is a pragmatic yet humourous woman, Miri's best friend and also her housemate. She has a dark sense of humour and a realistic outlook on life. She is one of the people that knows Miriam the best, and her world-weariness and Miriam's naivete work together well. She sees a lot more than Miriam does.

ErrolName: Errol
Age: 27
Profession: Bar tender
About: Errol is a confident, handsome and charming man. He uses these to the full in his job as bar tender though it could be said he rarely thinks on how his behaviour affects others. He is Miriam's workmate and he tends to look down at her as a wide-eyed dreamer, someone who doesn't understand reality or love. She reminds him of the person he was before he became cynical and lonely.

NereusName: Nereus
Age: 80
Profession: King of the Western Seas
About: Nereus is the tired old King of the oceans surrounding the west coast of Australia to the continental shelf. He has watched his kingdom suffer at the hands of humans during his long reign, and the numbers of the wild animals in his oceans have dwindled. He looks with hope to his eldest daugher, Amaryllis, who he intends to inherit the kingdom upon his death.

OlgaName: Olga
Age: 79
Profession: Amaryllis' Nursemaid
About: Olga is Amaryllis' gentle and motherly nursemaid. She and Neryssa (her daughter) tend to Amaryllis' every whim and need. Although Amaryllis has the tendency to be demanding and imperious, both Olga and Neryssa are patient enough to put up with it. Olga is the closest thing Amaryllis has to a mother.

NeryssaName: Neryssa
Age: 30 (young for a mermaid)
Profession: Amaryllis' Handmaiden
About: Neryssa, with her mother, Olga, tend to the Princess Amaryllis. She is the closest thing Amaryllis has to a friend, and she often listens to her as she complains about the way of things. Sometimes Neryssa thinks that Amaryllis is too wrapped up in her own affairs, often ignoring the more important things that go on around her.

Name: Hadrian
Age: 40
Profession: Prince of the Mediterranian Sea
About: Hadrian and Amaryllis were betrothed to one another at a very young age. He was often brought down to the Indian Ocean to play with Amaryllis, but neither of them got along very well. He hasn't seen Amaryllis in twenty five years and is less than thrilled about meeting her again.
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