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Welcome to NaceyFic

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to welcome all those that joined to NaceyFic. It'll be a place to discuss writing, get help in general from fellow writing enthusiasts and to keep up to date on the original works of Nancy Lorenz in progress. My current novel is the theme background that I've put up, and whatever naughty thoughts you have at the idea of a picture of Reese Witherspoon next to one of Anna Paquin is your own filthy imagination.

Kind of. ;)

I'll be putting up a set of character dosiers sometime next week, though I'm stuck as I need actors for the following characters:

- A heart-throb type, early-mid twenties, dark eyes, dark hair.
- An ocean type, your sun and sand type of man (though I used to imagine Brendan Fraser in this role but he's a little too old for the role now, sadly)
- A motherly woman who is a nursemaid
- A stern woman
- A kindly father in his late fifties

That's pretty much it for now. I'll be looking forward to your suggestions!!

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